Yes, moving to a smaller space and paring down your possessions is meant to make your life simpler. However, finding a home in your new place for what you take with you will be a challenge. It’s best to think it through carefully and prepare before the big move day. Read on for our top tips.

Our storage solutions for smaller homes

When it comes to storage solutions, you’ll rely mainly on making your furniture do double duty – and storage organisers.

Bedroom storage solutions

As long as you have a built-in wardrobe, your bedroom is the easy room in the house.

1. Invest in under-bed storage or perhaps a bed that has storage included

2. Use a blanket box to store out-of-season clothing if closet space is limited

3. Build wall shelves instead of bedside tables where floor space is limited. Wall shelves take up less “visual real estate” and make your room look larger.

4. Double hanging space by using one type of hanger, then curtain rings to double up. Simply place a curtain ring over the top of the first hanger, then slip the second hanger into the ring. Instant space saver.

5. Use drawer organisers and storage baskets to keep things tidy and accessible.

Living/dining storage solutions

How you arrange furniture will depend largely on whether or not your new home is open plan or has separate rooms.

6. Invest in dual-purpose furniture such as an ottoman that doubles as storage or can fold out to become a bed.

7. Have a tradesperson build wall shelving that can go up and over your door to maximise the use of that wall.

8. Divide the room but retain the light with an open-shelved room divider.

9. Hide odds and ends in beautiful storage boxes that you can pick up from a “$2 shop” or in Target or Kmart.

10. Use mirrors strategically to make your room look brighter and larger.


Your bathroom is a brilliant opportunity to get creative with space.

11. Ladder-style towel racks take up less space

12. A smaller vanity off the floor makes the room look larger.

13. If you’re pressed for storage, build a shelf over the door for towels or hand towels

14. If you have the option, a sliding door will maximise usable floor space


15. If your kitchen is new, there’s a good chance it doesn’t have adequate shelving in your cupboards. Head to Target or Kmart and check out some of their mini storage ranges. Shoe boxes can keep cleaning materials under the sink accessible.

16. Invest in some over-door hanging racks so you can maximise the space.


17. Built-in shelving and storage boxes for washing powder and other cleaning products will keep your laundry looking tidy.

18. A pull-down ironing board means it’s out of the way when not in use.

Lock-up garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a lock-up garage, you want to get the best use of it and make sure it doesn’t become a dumping ground. If you start as you mean to continue, you’ll have a tidy garage that you can use for more than sheltering your vehicle.

Here are some essentials to help you keep your stuff under control:

19. Steel shelving will enable you to place storage boxes off the floor and contain odds and ends

20. A work table can double as an extra table for your outdoor entertaining when you need extra space.

21. A hanging pegboard with hooks can keep tools and other items stored neatly and visible for easy access.


Your outdoor entertaining area might be smaller so think about:

22. Built-in bench seats that can double as storage boxes.

23. A sturdy weatherproof cabinet to store gardening materials.

Once you get started, we’re sure you’ll come up with creative storage solutions of your own.

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