Whether or not you’re preparing to sell your Caringbah home, there’s no excuse for not making it as appealing as possible. The best bit is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a luxe look. Read on for our top tips for a beautiful bathroom.


Mirrors are multi-purpose in your bathroom. They’re practical, reflect more light so your bathroom looks brighter and, with a frame, add a touch of luxury. Go full-on gilt frame or take up a wall with a frameless mirror.


If you’re really watching the dollars and cents, then regrout your tiles for a fresh new look. However, if your bathroom is on the small side, even luxury tiles won’t cost a bomb and they’ll add sophistication or fun to your bathroom.

Toilet suite and vanity

These don’t have to be top of the line but if both in your bathroom are a bit past their use-by date, then head to your hardware store.

A touch of timber

Bathrooms by their nature tend to be a little clinical. Adding touches of wood such as a narrow mahogany shelf or timber-framed mirror can warm up the space without overwhelming it.


You’ll be surprised at the difference new shiny tapware makes to the look and feel of your bathroom. You’ll find plenty of options for elegant tapware that won’t break the bank. There’s some beautiful tapware available at the moment, from the standard chrome or brushed metal to rose-gold and matt black. Don’t forget your showerhead; look for showerheads that look great while concentrating water flow so you minimise your water use in these drier periods in Sutherland Shire.


Of course, over-mirror lighting is critical but have you thought about other lighting? If your overhead light is harsh and ugly, replace the globe with a rose-hued LED and a beautiful light fitting. If you want to extend your budget a little, consider getting a licensed electrician to install some wall downlights or uplights for a softer effect.

Shower screen

We still see homes with the old aluminium-framed translucent shower screens. For a luxe, more contemporary look, strip it out and replace it with a clear, frameless screen. Not only will it be easier to clean, it will add sparkle to the room and let in more light.

Add plants

Yes, you might think this is tricky in a small bathroom. One, the choice and two, the space. One idea we’ve seen is wall-hung plants. A maidenhair doesn’t weigh too much and the plant needn’t be huge to be effective. For a more cohesive look, hang two plants of the same species.

Streamline your colour scheme

Sticking to three main colours has the added advantage of making your bathroom appear less cluttered and larger.

If your bathroom has tiles you can’t change, pick your towels, bathmat and toiletries containers to complement the tile colour. Brown or green tones in tiles work well with pink and cream. White or grey tiles are more neutral and can take black, white, greys and an accent colour, or two shades of the same colour.

You’ll find some great towel bargains and soft fluffy towels at stores like Target. For an outlay of around $50, you can refresh your bathroom’s vibe. Buy a matching set of shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. Once you’ve used up the contents, you can refill the containers so you always have matching containers.

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