If you were born before 1960, there’s a good chance you have cupboards of items you never use, or bring out only on special occasions.

Life is short. It’s time to make every day special.

We get it. When you have a household full of children, it’s appealing to have ‘good’ stuff for Christmas lunch or when you have guests, or when you’re invited to a special party.

Mums generally have a stock of gifts such as perfume, bath salts, fancy nightgowns and slippers, luxury soaps, scented candles and the like. If they’re gathering dust on the shelves, what are you waiting for? And what about the good shoes and the good dress? Isn’t time they got an airing? Dads will have a stock of silk ties, good dress shirts, after-shave lotions, the crystal whisky glasses and the like.

The special occasion is your choice

Don’t wait for a special occasion that might never come; the time to use the good stuff is now.

I have a friend who owns several sets of high-quality sheets, stored neatly in her linen cupboard. In the meantime, she sleeps between sheets that have seen better days. She’s 73 years old. I reminded her she’s already lived her three score years and ten, and it’s time to give herself permission to break out the good sheets.

Another friend has a bone china tea set she has carted from London to Sydney and packed for five moves. Never uses it.

As real estate agents in the Sutherland Shire, we deal sometimes with deceased estates and we’re saddened to see the threadbare towels on the rack (when the linen cupboard is full of fluffy towels), the undrunk wine in the back of the pantry and the candles that have melted in the heat without ever being lit.

When you look at what’s in your home, what is the good stuff you aren’t using? Here’s a list to get you started.

Clothes: It’s fine to keep a set of old clothes for painting or gardening but when you aren’t doing activities that could ruin your clothes, wear the good stuff. Buy classics and you’ll always look elegant.

Glassware: It’s time to give up the Vegemite jars and the too-small crystal wine glasses your mother gave you. Get out the good glassware from the china cabinet or the top cupboard and use it every day.

Cutlery: If, like most of us, you have drawers full of mismatched cutlery, and a canteen of ‘good’ cutlery, donate what’s in the drawers to a local charity like St Vincent de Paul and use the nice cutlery.

Jewellery: Enjoy wearing your diamonds every day or give them to a child or relative to enjoy if you don’t love what you own.

Towels: If you’re still using the towels you bought when the family was young, maybe it’s time to upgrade. Head to somewhere like Target or Kmart to pick up some bargains that will last and feel luxurious.

Perfume and aftershave: Unless you’ve kept it in a dark cool place, your treasured scent (likely an eau de toilette) will go off. Instead of smelling like a bouquet of flowers, you’ll more likely smell of alcohol.

Quality knives: If you’re like me, you’ll agree that using a knife with a dulled blade is frustrating. If you’ve been keeping the good knives for carving the Christmas turkey, that knife you can actually sharpen, then bring it out for everyday use.

Apart from making yourself feel better, you’ll have winnowed your possessions so they’re more manageable.

What do you have in your cupboards waiting for a special occasion?

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