If you’re downsizing in The Shire, your new bathroom might be smaller. That’s no reason it shouldn’t feel beautiful.

There are three main tricks to make your bathroom look bigger:

  1. Add light
  2. Maximise floor space (your ‘visual real estate’)
  3. Minimise the colours

Maximise natural light

Even if your bathroom has only a small window, you can optimise that light.

Mirrored cabinet

Even with a small vanity, you’ll still need more storage space. A slimline mirrored bathroom cabinet will meet some storage needs while reflecting more light into the room. Depending on the construction of your bathroom, you might be able to set the cabinet into the wall space for a cleaner look.

Extra mirror

A large mirror to the wall hung opposite your window will reflect light back into your bathroom. For a more opulent look, why not a gilt-framed mirror?


If you’ve to a villa or townhouse, you might have the option of a skylight to flood the room with even more light.

Tiles to the ceiling

There’s a standard trick to make a small bathroom look bigger; that is, use large tiles and tile to the ceiling. Retiling isn’t that expensive for a smaller bathroom as you have less area to cover. This means you could choose luxury tiles to give your new bathroom some pizzazz.

Frameless shower screen

Some of us are reluctant to give up a bath. However, you might find that a walk-in shower is easier to manage for use and for cleaning. The beauty of a walk-in shower is that your floor tiles will extend through to your shower, making the whole bathroom look larger. A frameless shower screen in clear glass will trick the eye and allow more light into your bathroom.

Maximise floor space

More floor space gives you more ‘visual real estate’ in your bathroom. There are some easy ways to achieve this:

Pedestal hand basin or wall mounted vanity.

Neither will dominate the floor space.

Over-the-door shelf

When space is at a premium, you don’t want to waste precious floor space. A shelf over the door will hold extra towels and keep them out of the way until they’re needed.

Ladder towel rack

These useful items not only give you more room to hang towels, but also, they occupy less space in your new bathroom.

Wall-hung dirty clothes basket

A couple of strong hooks in your wall will hold a basket large enough to manage your dirty clothes. When you’re ready to wash them, you simply lift the basket off the hooks and take it to your laundry.

Minimise your colour palette

A simpler colour palette is more soothing and makes your bathroom look less cluttered

Keep your colour palette to three

If your bathroom already has coloured tiles you don’t want to update, then choose two complementary colours for your towels and toiletries containers. You’re in luck if your bathroom is all white, as this gives you any number of options. Think white, grey, black or white, blue and green, or even white, pink and green.

Decant toiletries into containers of one colour

Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, search out some pretty containers so you don’t have different brands of shampoo and conditioner cluttering your sleek bathroom. You might find these online, or at shops like Target. If you’re keen for all-white or translucent containers, head into the city to somewhere like Muji. For a more luxe look, invest in some top-of-the-range toiletries like Aveda or L’Occitane and keep using the containers once you’ve used the contents.

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