When you’re selling your home, or supporting an elderly relative to sell, there’s quite a bit to think about. However, the paperwork is unavoidable.

So what will you need to sell your home ‒ or support someone who is doing this?

Ownership and legal

Title deed: You’ll need this to prove ownership. Often the bank will hold the title deed.

Contract for sale: In most cases, this is drawn up by your solicitor.

Family solicitor and/or accountant: You will need to contact the solicitor for conveyancing and, if you or your relative has an account, the accountant can help advise you of the tax status once the home is sold.

The will: (which you might need if your relative is likely to suffer from dementia later).

Power of attorney: If your relative is in the early stages of dementia or suffers ill health, it’s useful to have power of attorney so you can attend to their affairs if they’re ill or become incapable of doing so themselves.

Invoices for any renovations done recently: These can be useful when assessing the value of the property.

Banking and finance

You’ll need to make sure you have all the account details for any bank accounts so you notify the banks or financial services providers of the change of address.

Banking: Get copies of the most recent bank statements; make sure you include any online accounts, term deposits, direct debits and credit cards.

Shares, or units in a managed fund: You might need to find out who the broker is so you can sell the shares or units, or advise of a change of address.

Insurances (Home and contents, Life, Car and any other insurances): Make sure you have copies of the most recent renewal notice on hand so you can cancel the insurance or transfer it.

Rates and taxes

Local council (for rates): You’ll need to advise the council of change of ownership and the address of the new property or home.

Sydney Water (for rates): Again, to advise change of address and ownership.

Pension/superannuation paperwork: If you or your relative collect a pension or superannuation, you’ll need to advise Centrelink or your superannuation fund.

ATO: You should have a copy of the most recent tax return (if one has been filed) and you’ll need to confirm with the ATO as to the tax status and effect on your deemed income.


Phones: You need copies of the most recent bills so you can advise the service provider (e.g. Telstra) of the change of address.

Electricity and gas: Make sure you have a copy of the most recent bills so you can advise the service provider and (e.g., EnergyAustralia, AGL) to cease the service, and let them know of your change of address.

Internet/NBN: If you or your relative has access to the internet by ADSL or with NBN, you’ll need to let the service provider know to cease the service and advise them of your change of address.

Foxtel: Find the most recent invoice so you can contact the company. As the Foxtel service usually comes with a satellite, you’ll need to advise Foxtel of the move so they can collect the satellite dish from the property. However, check with your real estate agent as the new owner might wish to use the service (and the same satellite dish).


Family doctor: If you or your relative are moving within The Sutherland Shire, you might be able to stay with the current doctor. If not, it’s polite to let the family doctor know that you’ll be moving.

Medi-alert services: If you or your relative has some form of medi-alert device (such as a personal alarm), you should advise the service provider of your change of address.

Home care services: Any home care services, such as in-home care, domestic help or grocery shopping service need to be advised of the move.

At LOCATION, we’re here to help. Download this helpful checklist so you can keep track of what you’ve done. For advice at any time, please get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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