You only have to spend 20 minutes on social media to see all the things you ‘should’ be doing while you’re safe at home. Learn a new language, complete a 1,000-piece jigsaw, take up an online course to learn a new skill…the list is seemingly endless. Now, we appreciate that we’re all suffering grief to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes, the response to grief is to do nothing. It’s perfectly valid and we certainly aren’t going to disagree with your choice.

Many of you might be homeschooling children while trying to work from home and run a household. We don’t expect you’ll have any free time on your hands for at least a couple of months.

However (and it’s a bit ‘but’), if you are motivated by boredom (and maybe had considered selling your home this year), here are a few tasks you can get out of the way now.

Clean out your cupboards and drawers

Unless you’ve gone full KonMari in your home, you have that one cupboard. You know the one; you haven’t looked in the back for years. So set yourself a goal of clearing out that cupboard. A friend of a friend was in full quarantine for 14 days recently. After four days of wandering around the house and into the yard, she decided to tackle her junk cupboard. She’s so pleased with herself, she’s left the door open so she can admire her handiwork every time she walks past it.

And if your cupboards are spotless, think about the junk drawer. I’m pretty sure every kitchen has one.

Clean out your fridge

Now we aren’t shopping as regularly, you might get through all those goodies at the back of your fridge. For cleaning, it’s best to wait until your shelves are looking a bit bare so there’s less to move. Wipe over with mildly soapy water. If your fridge has got a bit smelly, you can wipe over shelves and sides with vinegar, or soak a cotton ball with vanilla extract to have your fridge smelling delicious.

Clean, clean, clean

Are you sensing a bit of a theme here? We’re no doubt preaching to the converted; judging by what isn’t on the shelves at local supermarkets, a host of you are diligently doing all your summer laundry in preparation for storing it for the winter. However, (and remember, this is only if you aren’t feeling like Netflix is your answer), this downtime is perfect for some of us to get in and do a deep clean of places that get missed normally. Scrub your stove, clean behind your fridge, move those beds and the sofa, wash the walls.

If you have any plans to sell your home, you’re going to need to do this anyway so why not get a head start?

Sort your possessions and declutter

We all have too much stuff. The hardest thing about decluttering is making decisions about what we might need ever again. Well, when we’re under virtual house arrest, it’s a good time to figure out what makes us happy, what’s useful and what needs to go to the nearest charity shop (although you can’t donate anything right now).

Prepare your garden for winter

Now is a great time to trim bushes like azaleas, camellias, jasmine, roses and the like. If you have lawn and you’ve enriched it with animal-based fertiliser, it’s likely becoming a little acidic. This can inhibit grass growth and promote moss growth. Autumn is the best time to add some lime (like dolomite) to stabilise the pH levels. If you don’t have lime in your shed, Bunnings delivers. Also check with local garden centres like the Flower Power Garden Centre in Taren Point to get advice and see if they deliver.

How can we help you?

While selling and buying isn’t on many people’s radar right now, we know that some of you have no choice. So just be reassured that we’re here to help – no obligations.

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