If you’re thinking about selling your home in the Sutherland Shire, then it’s time to take a long hard look at your front yard. And look at it from a buyer’s point of view. What do you see? If this weren’t your home, would you be tempted to walk up to the front door?

Most of us a blinded by familiarity and sentimentality when it comes to our homes, so here are some tips to get you started on the road to the perfect front yard.

The essentials

1. The fence or hedge

If you have a fence, ensure it’s painted if it’s wooden and repointed if it’s brick. If you have a hedge, keep it trimmed neatly.

2. Bushes and plantings

How tidy and easy care does the vegetation in your front yard look? If your front garden is more of a jungle, it might be time to cull the more unruly plants. Trim everything else and mulch everywhere you can.

Hot tip 1 – “Do the mulching a couple of weeks before you put your house on the market so it doesn’t look like you put it there to hide faults.”

Hot tip 2 – “If you have a lawn, keep it edged and mowed for the time your home is on the market.”

3. Your letterbox

Nothing screams ‘neglect’ like a falling-down letterbox. If yours has seen better days, head to Bunnings, an outdoor furniture store or go online and get a brand-new one. And as the letterbox is usually where your house number resides, make sure the number is clearly visible from the street.

4. The façade of your home

Whether it’s painted or brick, the front of your home should look clean and cared for. It’s worth getting in professionals to pressure clean windows and walls.

5. The front door

As the entry point to your home, your front door is critical. Paint it if it’s looking a little tired, and make sure it doesn’t stick. Replace door knobs and add a brass or chrome door knocker if you don’t have one already. Make sure the patio or verandah is in top condition and add some trees in pots to stand beside your front door. It’s better to use soft foliage or rounded succulents rather than spiky foliage.

6. Lighting

Remember that potential buyers, especially those who live locally, might drive by at any time of the day or night so make sure your front door is lit beautifully.

7. Welcome mat

Even in times of drought, we have rainy days. To keep your interiors free from mud and dirt, and help potential buyers, put out the Welcome mat ‒ literally.

Other tips to make your home more appealing

These tips are suggestions for those of you who have a few months (and the budget) to upgrade your front yard before you sell your home.

8. Lawn or paving?

A large lawn is great and offers a ‘cooling island’ effect. However, some buyers look at lush lawns and see ‘work’. Plus in times of low rainfall, it’s tough to maintain a green lawn. So replace some of it with paving in the form of pathways or perhaps a mini courtyard.

9. Roof and guttering

While we might assume that buyers look only at the front walls and windows, they’re also looking at your roof and guttering. To pre-empt any problems, and to make your home more appealing from the street, replace any guttering that is old and rusted.

10. Driveway

When your driveway is pitted with holes or riddled with cracks, it lets down your whole property so resurface it to make it more welcoming.

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