Let’s face it; we’re all seduced by beautiful images of perfect homes. And many of us look around our homes and believe there’s no way we could achieve that level of excellence.

Don’t despair. Follow these tips before your photography session and the photos of your home will inspire buyers, too.


When we view homes, especially online, we love to see lots of space. So remove any items that hide bench tops and floor space”

Kitchen: Clear out the pantry. If you have emergency tins of baked beans, it’s time to consume them or donate them to someone else. Clear your benchtops apart from a couple of decorative items. We want buyers to see all that lovely preparation space.

Living room: Remove family photos, small pictures on walls and any excess furniture. If you have a rug that doesn’t quite suit the room, put it in storage, sell it or give it away. We want buyers to imagine themselves moving freely around the room. The photos need to show plenty of bench and floor space.

Bathroom: Clear away anything on the vanity or ledges. Invest in a couple of fluffy white towels from Target or Kmart and drape them over the towel rail but semi folded so they look bulkier. Add a small plant for a touch of green.

Bedrooms: Keep surfaces bare except for maybe a book, a plant or some flowers. Remove any excess furniture.

Deep clean and polish so everything sparkles. Engage a business to pressure wash the exterior and maybe get professional cleaners in to polish and shine the interior. Deep cleaning can be exhausting.

Fake it: A fake Phalaenopsis or moth orchid will photograph like the real thing. Likewise, if you have a black thumb and can’t keep a plant alive, find some ivy and cut some long fronds to jam in a glass vase or jar. The ivy will stay green for weeks and the structure of the leaves photograph well.

Invest in a new welcome mat for the front entry: Apart from being a welcome sight for prospective buyers when they’re inspecting your home, a welcome mat tells a great story in a photograph.

Spruce up the front yard: How’s your letterbox looking? What will it look like in a photo? Now might be the time to head to the hardware store for a new letterbox and some pots of greenery to place by your front door. If you have a garden, mulch everything. Mulched areas look neater (and like they’re less work) in photos.

Check outdoor furniture: How is it looking? Imagine your buyers and what they’d think of it. If you’re having your home staged professionally, your stylist can bring new furniture. If you’re doing it yourself, then think about hiring some fancy outdoor furniture for the photography session and the duration of the home inspections.

Keep the pool cover off: Make sure the pool is clean and sparkles for your photos. Older buyers might not find a pool attractive but we find that the young families who are so desperate to buy into Caringbah South and Dolans Bay are keen to buy a home with a pool for their children.

Open the barbecue: The key to all the photos of your property is to inspire prospective buyers. When you show your polished and gleaming barbecue on your spotless deck, it inspires your buyers to imagine themselves living your perfect life. You can stage your outdoor area, too, for the photography session, with some wine, cheese board, grapes or pears, and sparkling glasses and jugs.

Create a lifestyle for your photos: Set your dining table using that dinner set and crystal that only comes out for special occasions and create homey touches like a book on a side table.

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